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The Creating of National Park Uramba Bahía Málaga

 On September 11, 2009, representatives from Colombia's agency of National Parks and the World Wildlife Fund met with members of the community councils of Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, La Barra, Puerto Espana- Miramar, and La Plata to sign a declaration to establish Uramba Bahia Malaga  National Park. It was declared that the community councils would work with the government to create a management plan for the new park. Below is a link to Colombian National Park's homepage (in Spanish) which shares more information in regards to Uramba Bahia Malage National Park. 


Bahía Málaga

In order to understand more about the debate on whether to establish Colombia's 56th National Park, or construct a deep water port in the Bahia Malaga, please click below to visit the World Wildlife Fund's website.
The geology of the coast near Ladrilleros y La Barra - dos comunidades de Bahía Málaga
"Uramba" is a word commonly used on the Pacific Coast of Colombia which signifies "minga" or "working together towards a common goal".  Watch this video that explains in greater detail the meaning of this word for Afro-descendants on the Pacific Coast.