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                                        The Music of Bahía Málaga

In Bahía Málaga there are many groups playing traditional music. Usually, all instruments are constructed from materials and animals of the forest. The main instrument is the marimba, made primarily with chontaboards and pipes of guadua, a type of bamboo that amplifies the sound. This instrument is usually accompanied with a bombo macho (large bass drum), the bombo hembra (smaller bass drum), a cununo (lead percussion drum), and three or four cuatro guasas (shakers). For both the cununo and the bombo the skin of a peccary, or tatabro  and the skin of a deer, or venado, are used. All these instruments are used toplay rhythms born from Bambuco Viejo. Examples of these rhythms are Colombian Currulao, Juga,Bunde,Pangro, Lullaby, Rumba, and Patacore (Flover Lemos).
                                                         The Marimba

                                 The skin of the tatabro                                                                           A  tatabro, or wild bore                                                           The skin of the tatabro laid next to the bombo       


                                                 The skin of the venado                                                                   A venado, or deer                                                  The skin of the  venado laid next to the cununo


 The Grupo Guascanato - an example of the musical groups that play traditional music on the Pacific coast of Colombia.

  Below is a video of the Grupo Guascanato, listen to the traditional music of the region!