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The Medicinal Use of Plants for the Communities of Bahía Málaga
In the communities of Bahía Málaga, it is common to use medicinal plants for the curing of many illnesses, injuries, and fractures, among other ailments. Below is shared some of these plants and their uses.
SIEMPREVIVA. This plant is commonly used to eliminate parasites.
BOTONCILLO. This plant serves to help digestion when one is full from over-eating.   It is also used as a sugar replacement for women who are dieting after pregnancy.
SUELDA CONSUELDA. Helps with bruises and relieves pain.
DESBARATADORA. This plant is used to reduce swelling and hematoma from bruises and fractures.
SANTA MARÍA.  Cures severe headaches with time.
MATARRATÓN. This plant is used to reduce feaver and com
bat flu symptoms.
SAUCO. Serves to alleviate congestion as well as helps cleanse the liver.
PAICO. Helps with the expulsion of parasites in children, youth, and adults.
These types of plants are the most commonly used in the traditional medicinal practices of the Afro-Colombian communities of Bahía Málaga.  Elders have decided that not all will be shared with the public in terms of traditional plant uses, wanting to instead have this knowledge passed down orally between ancestors and futures generations.