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Inventario de Especias para Bahía Málaga

For Bahia Malaga scientists have found 400 tree species. Still still does not exist an accurate count of many species of epiphytes, parasites, and shrubs. There are four species of mangrove, 10 of red algae, 6 of green algae, and 2 of brown algae (CENIPACIFICO, 1986).

The richness of fauna is represented in a preliminary inventory of 60 species of amphibians pertaining to 6 families, with 88% being endemic, 114 species of reptiles pertaining to 14 families with 44% being endemic (the group of serpents represents 69 species); 16 species of freshwater fish; 148 species of marine and estuarine fish pertaining to 56 families; 12 species of marine mammals, of which one can find the humpback whale which utilizes the waters of Bahia Malaga to complete its reproductive cycle; 57species of seabirds and coastal birds pertaining to 15 families; 360 species of terrestial birds pertaining to 46 families; 75 species of spiders (8 families), 8 species of marsupials; 3 species of worms; 4 species of sloth; 4 species of primates; 5 species of canids; 6 species of felines; 15 species of rodents; 16 species of other mammals; 99 species of crustaceans; 141 species of molusks; and 4 species of turtles (CENIPACIFICO, 1986).

                                                        Seagulls flying over the sea.                 A "mochilero" (backpacker) tree named as such for the style of nests.                           A crab attempting to hide.                                                                                                                                                      

To learn more about the ecosystem of Bahia Malaga, please watch this video: