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Welcome to Bahia Malaga! 

Bahia Malaga is located on the Pacific Coast of Colombia in the department of Valle del Cauca.  This region is know for it's vibrant cultural practices and the rich biodiversity of  it's natural environment.  Bahia Malaga is comprised of five communities: Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, La Barra, Puerto España - Miramar and La Plata.  The majority of the regions residents are of Afro-descent whose cultural practices stress the importance of sustainable stewardship over the land.  In accordance with Law 70 (law70.pdf), passed in 1993, community councils were established which allow for the self-determination of these communities in terms of development and resource  management.   Recently, the National Government has recognized the unique importance of the area, creating the National Park Uramba-Bahia Malaga. However, the limits of the park only pertain to the marine area of the bay. In order to protect their traditions and the biodiversity of the region, the communities, through their  councils, are implementing administrative plans for the management of the area's natural resources. Their hope is that this will assist in the preservation of their culture and ecosystem for future generations.

                                            The location of Bahía Málaga 
                                                           Regional map                                                               Bahía Málaga serves as an important breeding ground for humpback whales
Bahia Malaga is located in the middle of the Pacific Coast of Colombia, in the municipality of Buenaventura, Valle de Cauca department. The protected area is comprised of 47,094 hectares (the equivalent of 137.34 square nautical miles), and the limits of the area of influence are the San Juan River to the north, the access road to the Naval Base of Bahia Malaga to the east, the Isthmus of Pichido tot eh south, and the Pacific ocean to the west. On a regional scale the park is part of a "Corridor of Conservation" with the National Parks Farallones of Cali and Munchique.

                                                          A stream as part of the extensive estuary system of Bahía Málaga.                              A small island in the bay's waters
                                                     The Pacific Coast from the community of Ladrilleros                         Stairs highlight the entrance to a small stream and clear pools