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Eco-Natal is a group of 25 people, formed in Ladrilleros to work towards the goal of preserving the environments biodiversity and celebrating the cultural practices of the communities of Bahia Malaga.  Part of their focus is the offering of tours to visit natural pools located in the estuaries where one can see the abundance of flora and fauna in the jungle.  Included in the tour is a walk along a path to see and hear from Eco-Natal the myriad uses of plants which serve as food and medicine for the communities. Members of Eco-Natal are also working on other projects which help the community, such as the replanting of mangroves which are at risk, and educating other community members on the importance of harvesting shrimp sustainably. Organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund, are working with Eco-Natal in order to better understand what is necessary to manage the natural environment in a sustainable manner.  
                                  Guides of Eco-Natal                                                                  A small waterfall empties into a natural pool                                     Mangroves provide habitat for shrimp and mollusks
                         A Nato is a type of large mangrove                                                                          Colors of the jungle                                                Learning about the uses of plants for food and medicine
Please take a virtual tour with Eco-Natal in a canoe in order to see a small example of the biodiversity of the estuaries of Bahia Malaga.  
Virtual Tour (x4time)