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Cultural Themes

With Law 70 passed in 1993, Afro-descendants of the Colombian Pacific were recognized as an ethnic group, which permitted them to create community councils - local governing bodies which were allowed to take part in decisions of development that affect their communities.  Furthermore, another aspect of the law was the ability to apply for and receive collective titles for lands they have occupied for centuries.  Now, members of the community of Ladrilleros, aided by the local organization Eco-Natal, are demonstrating that their culture is distinct and their ways of life are conducive to preserving the natural environment. Therefore, they should be the rightful stewards to their ancestral lands.  


In this section, you can find information about the culture practices of the people of Bahía Málaga, from the music of the region centered around the marimba, to legends and folklore, the area's food, medicinal plants, and also funeral ceremonies.

A youth of Ladrilleros.
The masks of Don Flover in Ladrilleros.